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Ovaco EGG B.P Cell

"B.P Cell Routine [Ampoule | Serum | Cream]"

Category: Skin Turnover Mechanism

Rx: External Anti-ging | Improve skin barrier | Nutrition

Main Ingredients: Red Junglefowl Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell Culture Conditioned Media(50,000ppm)

Volume: Ampoule : 7ML X 5PCS | Serum : 50ML X 1PCS |
Cream : 50ML X 1PCS



  • Ampoule : Activator ampoule regulates the 28 - day skin renewal cycle. Production of collagen & elastin to increase the thickness of dermis. Intensive care for fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and around the lips. Helps support collagen regeneration to restore natural firmness and volume to facial contours for an ageless complexion.

  • Serum : 50,000 ppm of highly concentrated Nano si- zed pluripotent cells serum immediately and rapidly penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis layer to support healthy skin cell regeneration.

  • Cream : The most advanced rich texture cream combats the visible signs of aging with reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles while forming a thin veil to seal and protect the skin to maintain extreme hydration leaving your skin with heightened suppleness. The cream can be used as a rich moisturizing sleeping mask at night to protect and promote the skin's natural regenerative process by supplying maximum hydration and a dewy glow.



  • * Ampoule *
  • 1.Lift up to remove the aluminum cap carefully.(contains sharp edges)
  • 2.Remove the rubber cap
  • 3.Attach the applicator
  • 4.Apply generous amount on face and neck in upward motion
  • ※ Shake the ampoule lightly before use. Apply to cleansed areas of face and neck and gently rub intro area.

  • * Serum/Cream *
  • Basic Toner → Core Serum → Supply Cream

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    "Human Skin Regeneration"

    Human Skin Turnover

    The period of skin turnover should be 28 days in 20s! It will getting longer after reaching the age of 30s

    However…Plants Stem Cells are not the optimal solution for Human Skin Regeneration

    "Skin Turnover Mechanism"

    Parent company of OVACO brand

    After finishing comprehensive research and numerous experiments, the advance cell-fusion team of SONIMEDI finally developed this premium skincare product with function ofactivating skin regeneration

    No matter how old you are, aging is always out biggest enemy.


    International Recognition




    Stem Cells send Regeneration Signals to our body

    When we get hurt, our brain sends “Regeneration Signal” to body so as to recover the wound by recreating cells

    Stem Cells in charge of sending signal to create new cells, which also means it has ability to activate regeneration system

    This is not an instant functional cosmetic products so it takes about 10 - 15 days to see the result

    EGG Pluripotent Stem Cell – Effect of skin

    1. Embryonic stem cell cosmetic of the first in world

    2. 28 day skin turn over balance improvement

    3. Revitalize skin cell and strengthen immune system

    4. Anti-aging by controlling active oxygen

    5. Reduce wrinkle around eyes and mouth



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